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I currently live in Cape May County in New Jersey after spending years in the San Francisco Bay Area with my Maine Coon cats Sierra and Ginger. I attended Clarion Writers Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy at Michigan State University and sold “Loaded Dice,” a story I wrote there to Damon Knight for The Clarion Awards anthology. I’ve written two mystery novels: Murder Beach and Coastal Corpse. I taught English for high school and community colleges for several years.

An Entry from Doris’ Diary


Doris’ Diary

June 6th, 1927


Dear Diary,

Daddykins bought me a Packard roadster today in a luscious gold with a cream leather interior. I simply must go shopping to find something that matches.

I was reading Time magazine today and was horrified to read that Mrs. Livermore said: "Women become incoherent . . . on the public platform. . . . They are so accustomed to talking to husbands and brothers that they can't seem to get used to talking to anyone else."

I’m a New Woman and have no difficulty at all speaking whenever and wherever I feel like it. I cut my hair and hemmed my skirts.

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